Graffiti Workshop at Northlight School for YOG 2010

Another interesting project added to our long lists of activities. Our next engagement is at Northlight School. A 5 week programme where 5 students were chosen by their teacher to assist us in completing the street soccer court. During the lead up to the spraying, the kids were introduce to the history as well as educating them the seriousness on vandalism especially here in Singapore. The students too learned to understand various styles in graffiti from other countries and the local scene here in Singapore.
The design of the street soccer court is to depict the school values and also in support on the upcoming Youth Olympic Games 2010, which is going to be hosted by Singapore.

One thought on “Graffiti Workshop at Northlight School for YOG 2010

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering, the school where I worked in really need help in creating a memorable mural art or graffitti art. This art must help boost the confidence level of the children and teachers. And in turn boost the morale of the parents/guardians.
    As majority of the family are on financial assistance, i do hope you would consider doing this work on a volunteer basis, even sending your students to work on this school as part of their exposure to their journey in the art world.
    please do contact me…via my email and i will be much obliged to give you any further clarifications on this matter.

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