School Art Enrichment Programmes

We have varied programmes for different levels from preschool, primary to secondary schools as well as tertiary institution. We are also qualified to conduct programmes for Special Education and Disabilities.

Below are our list of endorsed programmes. Our programmes and instructors are endorsed by the Ministry of Education and National Arts Council of Singapore. Our programmes are eligible for the 50% Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy.Do contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be pleased to suggest a suitable programme or customise to meet your needs.

Airbrush Painting Workshop

Airbrush is an air-powered tool used for painting stencils art, photo-retouching, automotive embellishments, hobbies, T-shirts graphics, cosmetic application, and baking, etc. It has many applications but the set-up is complicated for most people to experience this amazing technique. We will provide all the equipment set-up and materials plus the guidance so that participants can walk away with their own artsy T-shirt or Tote bag.
Art of Batik Painting

Batik is a traditional method of making patterns on cloth originating from Java. It was adapted as a painting medium by artists in Malaya producing exotic paintings unique to South East Asia. Batik is still fashionable today and this workshop explores the different types of batik and how to make a real piece of batik cloth. Our workshops are a safe and systematic introduction to the art of traditional batik painting. Participants may use the tjanting, a traditional tool for applying wax and be guided through the many processes of batik painting experience. For online engagement, we have a cold wax method as a substitute.Students will each produce several batik paintings that can be proudly displayed.
Community Batik for All

Community Batik is a highly engaging group activity while engaging in a SouthEast Asean cultural heritage. It is popular at public events and corporate team-bonding sessions. Create a collective work of art together. Our artists will facilitate the activity and help with finishing treatment so the art that can be permanently displayed. 
Funny Faces – Caricature Drawing Assembly Show

A school assembly program that is a fun approach to the art of drawing caricatures and the science behind facial recognition. It is a drawing show presented by professional caricature artists from Cartoon.SG. Lots of laughs and astonishment can be expected.
Artist Studio Excursion

An excursion to the artist’s studio offers an intimate glimpse of the artist, his work and the process. We welcome students to visit us at our studio, view artworks and the works-in-progress. Engage our artist in conversation about inspiration and the process of making art.Group can choose a hands-on experience in any one of the studio’s specialties:• Batik painting• Mini Batik painting (For preschool)• Graffiti Art• Caricature Drawing• Expressive Watercolour• Acrylic Painting• Airbrush• Pastel painting• Face Painting• Henna Art
The studio is nestled in Wisma Geylang Serai, the hub of Singapore Malay cultural activities. The vicinity also offers an interesting array of Malay culinary experience. 
Graffiti Street Art

Graffiti art is a trend among youths worldwide influencing contemporary fashion and mass communication. Done responsibly it is not a criminal act of vandalism but a work of art.This is more than just a lesson in art, it is an exposure to the current global art trend. We will give a run down on the history, style and genres of graffiti art covering topics such as history, iconography, cartooning, stencilling, style writing and aerosol spray-painting techniques.
Caricature Art: Drawing Funny Faces

Caricatures are a popular art-form for news, illustrations, entertainment and gifts. Currently it is widely applied in character development for animation and games.Learn the techniques of caricature drawing from professional caricaturists of Cartoon.SG. Uncover the secrets of how to systematically observe a face, capture the likeness and be exposed to the many styles for exaggeration from simple cartooning drawings to hyper-realism painting.
Painting Portraits in Pastel

Drawing the face is a daunting challenge to most however, with the right knowledge and skills, anyone can paint a recognisable portrait. This programme exposes students to the basics of pastel painting, great pastel artists and their works, step-by-step guidance and artist demonstrations with exercises programmed to develop competencies in portraiture art. Effective techniques of using dry medium and avoiding bad habits. Complete a pastel portrait by the end of the programme.
Cartoon Drawing

Learn the fundamentals of drawing cartoons and create your own original cartoon characters through this fun approach to the art of cartooning.Age appropriate exercise will be applied according to participants age group. The activity is an opportunity to develop communication skills. Instructor will inspire students with drawing demonstrations and step-by-step exercises to build confidence in drawing and expression.
Practical Watercolor Painting Technique

Watercolour is a popular medium used in landscape sketching, journals and children book illustrations. It is very versatile for expressive paintings or creating meticulously beautiful renderings. Watercolour however, should not be assumed to be similar to other paints like poster colour, oil or acrylic paintings. There are fundamental knowledge distinctive to watercolour art. Learning the correct watercolour techniques will equip students’ with practical skills that enhance observation and efficiency when painting. Create beautiful paintings and greetings cards.Students will each receive a Travel watercolour set with brush and a Pad of A4 Watercolour Papers. To use during the workshop and for keeps.

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