SeniKita 2023 Art Exhibition

Open to public: 8 to 17th December at Kamal Arts Gallery (10am - 6pm).The official opening is on Saturday 9th December at 4pm (till 5pm). Seni Kita 2023 visual arts exhibition is in its fourth year running. The objective of this project is to create opportunities for Malay artist to interact and inspire one another.... Continue Reading →

Copic Marker Rendering Workshop

Students learn to observe better with marker rendering before jumping into digital media. Unleash Your Artistic Potential with Copic Marker Rendering: A Gateway to Digital Media Mastery In the realm of art and design, the ability to capture the nuances of color and form is paramount. Copic markers, with their vibrant hues and seamless blending... Continue Reading →

Cartooning for Sketchnoting

Sketchnoting is a successful method to improve students' note-taking skills because it engages multiple learning styles and helps students to actively process and synthesize information. When students sketchnote, they are using their visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses to learn. They are also forced to think about the key concepts and relationships between ideas in order... Continue Reading →

Batik Painting on Tote Bag at Tradeshow

We were engaged to facilitate a batik painting workshop at ITB 20123, a trade show for the travel industry. The short workshop session was very popular and fully attended. Participants get an understanding of batik art practice by a local artist and painted their own tote-bag to bring home as souvenir from Singapore. Watch the... Continue Reading →

Copper Tooling Workshop

In just two-hours students are able to create a presentable work of art. Collectively they make an impressive display. A Post PSLE art activity in primary schools endorsed AEP eligible for Tote Board grant. Equally effective for adults as corporate team bonding activity. Contact us for more details. Copper Tooling workshop with no noise or... Continue Reading →

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