Ladies “Artsy Outing” – SeniKita 2021 Exhibition

These ladies went for an “Artsy Outing”. They are long time friends to the mom of Sarah Nadia Bat’s - SeniKita 2021 Promising Young Talent Award. Came by to the gallery to view Sarah’s award winning artworks and more. SeniKita is an annual group exhibition showcasing works of artists in the Malay community. It is... Continue Reading →

SeniKita 2021 Open Call

For the second-year running, we are organizing SENIKITA - a visual arts exhibition showcasing the works of Singapore Malay artists and indirectly an annual survey of current artistic practice of the Malay community in Singapore. Past SeniKita (2020) is documented at: SENIKITA 2021 is jointly organised with Wisma Geylang Serai (Precinct Department) and supported by... Continue Reading →

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