CHILDREN ART PROGRAM 2021  OPEN FOR ENROLMENT Every Saturday, 9.00 am - 10.30 am or  11.00 am - 12.30 pm Call 63443369

Airbrush workshop in school

Airbrush painting lesson in school. It’s surprising what you can achieve in a short time with proper guidance. Our programmes are government endorsed with grant eligibility

Airbrush workshop

Saturday morning Airbrush workshop at Kamal Arts Studio. Participants with funky vibes. Good energy! Same medium, diverse creativity. Airbrush painting is a cool and fun way to pimp up your tote bags / t-shirts. Interested? Sign up for our next workshop. See you!

Airbrush painting lesson in ITE Central

The airbrush painting workshop is a new programme we developed with the youth in mind. It is highly engaging and students can relate to its application that appeal to them, like T-shirt graphics, hobby crafts, vehicle livery and personalized custom items from helmets to phone covers.

Airbrush Spraying Session Is A Hit Among Youth

Our airbrush painting workshop is very fun and highly engaging for teenagers. Students get to bring home their own airbrushed t-shirt. It is not easy running a big class but we managed to put together sufficient equipment and experts to provide for an enjoyable art exposure to youth. This can be an exciting program for... Continue Reading →

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