Oral History Interview for National Archives of Singapore

This interview was recorded in 2018, If it is of any interest to you, you can hear it here: https://www.nas.gov.sg/archivesonline/oral_history_interviews/record-details/030a1f19-9ac3-11e8-8b7d-001a4a5ba61b?keywords=kamal+dollah&keywords-type=all I totally forgot about it until recently when I'm getting quite a few requests from students for interviews. I do not want to come across as uncooperative to you scholars but you are demanding my... Continue Reading →

Speaking Candidly About Batik And The Arts In Singapore

James Goh, Beatrice Tan, Lim Shi Jean, Jaclyn Chong of Raffles Institution Junior College interviewed me for their school project paper on preserving culture. They gave me a transcript of that interview which I am happy to publish here for the benefit of those who seek knowledge on this matter.
It must have been a lot of work for them to type out the interview verbatim. I have decided not to edit them as its they way how I speak and spoke candidly on the matter, so bear with the repetition and broken sentences.
PW Interview
Transcript – Mr Kamal Dollah

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