Oral History Interview for National Archives of Singapore

This interview was recorded in 2018, If it is of any interest to you, you can hear it here: https://www.nas.gov.sg/archivesonline/oral_history_interviews/record-details/030a1f19-9ac3-11e8-8b7d-001a4a5ba61b?keywords=kamal+dollah&keywords-type=all

I totally forgot about it until recently when I’m getting quite a few requests from students for interviews. I do not want to come across as uncooperative to you scholars but you are demanding my time that I would rather spend painting. There have also been a few cases where students come unprepared and the interview session is unproductive. Before you request for an interview, please click on the ‘STUDENT RESEARCH‘ CATEGORY menu of this website and read up a bit. You should have sufficient material for your assignment from there without an interview. If not, drop me a short email.

In return for the interview if I grant it, I request that you let me publish the assignment you come out with like some of these scholars has done in the past. I think it is only fair so that knowledge is shared and I don’t need to repeat myself.

I neglected blogging for a few years and in those years, quite a few major events went unrecorded. So with much regret, I am trying to blog again and share the information I can recall. Pardon me for the throw backs which go really back some times.

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