3-Generation Family Bonding Through The Art Of Copper Tooling

Kamal Arts has designed a workshop for the art of copper tooling that may easily be enjoyed by people of all ages. Just like this family did. Easy does it Our copper tooling workshop is suitable for all ages. Fine motor skills exercise too.

Three Generation Family attending our batik workshop!

Grandad comes with Grandma all the way from Hawaii! Son’s wife is a regular at our batik studio, improving her batik mastery on each visit. The grandson is no stranger as well, always accompanying his mommy for the sessions. It is our pleasure to have all of them with us. Looking forward to see them... Continue Reading →

Wonderful parents who join their children’s school holiday activities.

Kamal Arts are happy to host the batik arts discovery bonding session. Family who arts together, stays together

Koh Hong Teng Solo Exhibition – Garden City In the Garden

20 Nov 2021 - 5 Dec 2021 Artist Koh Hong Teng held his first solo painting show since 2012 here at Kamal Arts Gallery, displaying 11 watercolour works.

Batik Art Activity for Home Based Learning (HBL)

We introduced cold wax batik technique to simulate hot wax resist method in batik painting for home based learners. A complete set of materials was individually packed in a kit and distributed to the students on the day before all school was closed for Phase 2 - Heightened Alert. For the current program, each kit... Continue Reading →

Simplified Batik Design For Special Needs Students

Introducing batik painting to special need children (autism) requires extra preparation for a simplified design. The objective is for the child to paint properly within their ability, so we hand-waxed special designs that have lesser and bigger segments instead of our regular designs that can be too complex for these special needs students. It was... Continue Reading →

Airbrush workshop

Saturday morning Airbrush workshop at Kamal Arts Studio. Participants with funky vibes. Good energy! Same medium, diverse creativity. Airbrush painting is a cool and fun way to pimp up your tote bags / t-shirts. Interested? Sign up for our next workshop. See you!

Tie and dye tote bag

Tie and Dye Tote bags. Colourful, fun and functional. Who would like to join this workshop? https://videopress.com/v/Nx1xIsri?preloadContent=metadata

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