Community Batik Painting at the Peranakan Museum for the ‘Royal Ramayana Weekend Festival’

It was a long weekend for the team this time around. In conjunction with the Ramayana theme, the museum engaged our services to conduct a batik workshop. For 2 days, we had a nice experience engaging the public with our community batik. There were other activities as well and we were delighted with the response of how our activity manage to attract the guests. The curiosity of the guests got the better of them and a lot of questions were asked about batik which we were happy to share our knowledge with.

Preparing the batik setup before the action begins.
Some guests are curious how wee apply the wax onto the cloth. Nice to see them trying out the medium.
This nice German family stayed throughout the entire festival trying out all the workshops there. They came in the morning to do and didn’t have a clue what we were doing at first but they came back later that afternoon to see the progress of the activity. They were surprised by the whole outcome.
At the end of 5 hours. Thank you to the organizers of the event for providing the logistics needed for our activity. The tentage was well needed with the weather being unpredictable in our tropical climate especially.

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