Batik Lessons Featured on TV: Trendisional by Suria, Mediacorp

Kamal Dollah was featured in a Malay TV programme titled Trendisional broadcasted on 27th February 2014. Trendisional is a narrative info-ed about SEEING the NEW BREED of MALAYS who have put the TREND in TRADITIONAL. It is a story for the people, by the people: the young ones who are working to breathe a new life... Continue Reading →

Community Batik Painting at the Peranakan Museum for the ‘Royal Ramayana Weekend Festival’

It was a long weekend for the team this time around. In conjunction with the Ramayana theme, the museum engaged our services to conduct a batik workshop. For 2 days, we had a nice experience engaging the public with our community batik. There were other activities as well and we were delighted with the response... Continue Reading →

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