Batik wax removal and fixing process

On the days that we have no school to go to teach, we will be at our studio to update all our administrative matters or in this case we are going to treat the batik paintings. Normally, our community batik painting workshop, will have an additional process to it after the event is over. This is the post-treatment process where by if the school wants to have the painting framed or have other uses for it we have to remove the wax and make the batik dye or colours permanent. This is done to ensure that the batik painting lasts a long time.
Unlike in countries like Indonesia or Malaysia where they have proper facilities, equipment and most importantly space, in Singapore we will do what we can given the constraints. At the moment, We do not get a lot of requests to do big jobs for batik so for now it is fine for us to work with what we have.
The best bit is once the process is done, you can fold the cloth and keep it. No worries about space.

See how we do the finishing process for a 5m artwork, of course this is nothing compared to countries in Indonesia or Malaysia where they do lot more than this. 😀
kain batik singapura
A lot of work is put in to ensure that the process is properly executed.

After all that washing and scrubbing, we will leave the work to dry.

Once dry, we can fold the cloth and bring to the school for installation. Click here to view some of our batik artworks.

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