Graffiti Workshop @ Fuchun Primary School

Twenty-seven Primary 6 students were fortunate enough to be involve in this graffiti mural project organized by the school. We, of course, were grateful with the school for inviting us after the recent SMRT scandal. It was a setback, nonetheless we continue to have this workshop to educate our youths about graffiti art and crime.
This is a 10 hour workshop which spans over 3 days. We introduce to them what is graffiti, the styles and lastly the serious consequences in vandalism!
throw up
Sketching and planning their ideas before they execute on the wall.
graffiti art singapore
The students learn to handle the spray can and work together as a team to accomplish their mission.
tagging throwupgraffiti
Not an easy task but a job well-done to this 12 year olds for completing the graffiti mural project for their school. What a way to leave your mark!

2 thoughts on “Graffiti Workshop @ Fuchun Primary School

  1. It wasn’t, especially when we were trying to coordinate and organize the kids. But it was a job well done. 😀
    You too have interesting projects over there in the UK.
    Thanks for visiting our blog!

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