Art In Education Symposium At Civil Service Club

The symposium for teachers and art enrichment providers is an annual affair organised by World Prime. This year I was invited to be amongst 3 other distinguished speakers to share about our methods in art education. The auditorium was full and I casually talked about the three programs we run in schools which drew a lot of laughter for the caricatures and later enquiries for our ‘Community Batik’ programme from the teachers. Here is an extract from the publication:

Presenter: Kamal Dollah, Artist & Arts Educator
Improving the Practitioner, Innovating the Practice.
As art-educators, how certain are we about what we teach?
Kamal Dollah constantly questions artistic practices and out of curiosity went in search of answers from every possible source, often finding himself in the most amazing situation around the world. Examples: From trying to learn how to paint with spray cans so that he could teach his ‘Graffiti’ programme that nobody initially dared to purchase, he ended up completing Singapore’s biggest graffiti wall mural. For trying to understand American caricatures, he ended up in USA and Japan, and the first South East Asian artist accepted into the International Society of Caricature Artists and founder of Cartoon.SG; and for constantly shaking up the age old practice of batik-painting, he became Singapore’s only member in the World Batik Council and a special guest at the Pekalongan Batik festival in Indonesia recently.
His sharing of experience is to highlight the necessary struggles of a practitioner to improve himself to add value to our art education system, despite the many challenges.
Panel Discussion One:
The Country’s Direction for the Arts in Education

Panellists: Panellists: Paul Lincoln & Kamal Dollah
Moderator: Dr Gooi Tah Choe, Music Lecturer, Raffles Institution (Junior College)

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