Team-bonding Session for Kindergarten Teachers

Very fun and exciting morning engaggaging with the young teachers. Learning the techniques of Batiking which they can share with their little minds back at school

Art Camp for Bishan Park Secondary School

Learning journey and Art camp for our students from Bishan Park Secondary School for 3 days. It was a whole 3 days intensive batik workshop for them and here are the team working on their group work on a 1m x 1m cloth. What a great team building!

Student Exchange Programme

Students from Japan get a hands on batik painting for the first time. Come and have batik workshop with us for teambuilding, school students exchange or even community event. Do contact us at 63443369 for enquires!

Mini Batik Painting Workshop at Academy of Singapore Teachers

Mini Batik Painting Workshop held for a large number of teachers from the Academy of Singapore Teachers. The teachers spent some time learning about the culture and history of traditional batik painting, before embarking on their own mini batik painting. The workshop was a culturally enriching experience for the teachers.

Corporation Primary School Community Batik for Staff Retreat Team Building Activity.

Teachers and staff of Corporation primary school did a meaningful activity as part of their team-building session during the June 2013 school holiday. They created four large batik painting that was hung in the school hall. It was a sure surprise to students when school re-opened. They completed these large paintings within the 3-hours session... Continue Reading →

Community Batik for Teachers At Bukit Panjang Primary

"Teachers enjoyed themselves tremendously. It was an excellent platform for interaction and cooperation between staff. Teamwork and togetherness were evident during the workshop. Excellent way to unwind and bond at the of a day's work and also start the day." Mdm Rashidah, Art Teacher @Bukit Panjang Primary School

Art In Education Symposium At Civil Service Club

The symposium for teachers and art enrichment providers is an annual affair organised by World Prime. This year I was invited to be amongst 3 other distinguished speakers to share about our methods in art education. The auditorium was full and I casually talked about the three programs we run in schools which drew a... Continue Reading →

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