SeniKita 2023 – OPEN CALL

SENIKITA is a group art exhibition in the Malay community organised by Kamal Arts Ltd, a non-profit organisation, This project is supported by Wisma Geylang Serai and the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Download open call document here.

Exhibition Date: 8th to 17th Dec 2023

Exhibition Venue: Kamal Arts Gallery @ Wisma Geylang Serai, 

#04-05, 1 Engku Aman Turn, Singapore 408528. 

This visual arts exhibition in its fourth-year running, is an annual survey of artistic practice in the Singapore Malay community. Previous three editions of SeniKita are documented at: 

The objective of this project is to create opportunities for Malay artists to interact and inspire one another regardless of age or genre. 

Works featured in the exhibition will be selected through this open-call by the curatorial committee comprises of the following artist/ educators: Mr. Ahmad Abu Bakar, Mr. Kamal Dollah and Mr. Suhaimi Sukiyar. Awards of recognition are awarded to inspire greater art-practice. The committee will select winners for the following awards: Best of Show, Best of Show runner-up, Promising Artist award.


‘Globalisasi’ Globalisation is the theme chosen for this year’s exhibition. Globalisation given the advancement of technology and AI has had a profound impact on the arts. Artists from different cultures are now able to share their work with a global audience. This has led to a new era of cross-cultural collaboration and innovation.

Artists are free to broadly interpret the theme in their work. We encourage participants to explore the impact of globalisation on our local art practice. Possible areas to explore include:

  • The impact of globalisation on traditional art forms
  • The role of art in a globalised world
  • The impact of globalisation on social norms.

Dimension is limited to no larger than 1 meter (height) x 1 meter (width) including frame.

As this is a public exhibition shown at a community space, artists are advised to be considerate of the audience sensitivity.


Proposal Submission by 15 October 2023 (Sunday 2359 hrs) 

Participation Timeline for SENIKITA 2023

2 Sep 23


7:30 – 10 pm

Artist Barbeque – Lepak hang-out for BRIEFING on participation,  workshop proposal, selection and pricing, etc. All are welcome for General Q&A.

Kebun Kami next to Kamal Arts Gallery. Come to just hang-out and get to know one another. 

15 Oct (Sun)

by 2359 hrs


To submit participation form and image of completed work

Via online participation form


16 Oct (Mon)

CURATORIAL REVIEW of proposals for selection into exhibition. 

Kamal Arts Gallery 

17 Oct (Tues)

IN-PRINCIPAL* DECISION announced to applicants. 

Participants are informed by email. Please contact organiser if you did not get any result. 

2 Dec (Sat)

10am – 6pm

SUBMISSION of artworks*

Final Approval


Artwork Photography & documentation

Kamal Arts Gallery 

*Organiser reserves the right to reject actual work if it is different from what was proposed.   

6 Dec (Wed)


Volunteers welcomed.

8 Dec (Fri)



(10 am – 6 pm daily)

9 Dec (Sat)

3pm to 5pm


Prize/Certificate Presentation Ceremony

All are welcome to attend. 

Subject to public gathering directives by the authorities.

10 Dec (Sun)

10am to 12pm

Workshop by Artist 

Events and workshop details will be announced.

17 Dec (Sun)

6pm to 8pm

Exhibition TEARDOWN. COLLECTION of artworks 

Collection grace period till 

29th Dec during office hours.


No fee or payment for submissions. $50 Participation fee is payable only if artwork is selected and must be made during submission of work for exhibition. Students from government institutions or recognised art institutes (NAFA or LASALLE) enjoy a 50% discount on participation fee (must produce bus pass).

Artists may propose several artworks but no more than two artwork per artist will be selected for display in the gallery. Artists are encouraged to present smaller works for box sale.


The secondary objective is to encourage art patronage in the community. All artworks must be for sale. The price stated in the official form is final. Commission of 30% will be deducted from the listed price for sales transaction. The Organizer will manage delivery of sold artworks. 


The ‘Box-sale’ is for two-dimensional artwork measuring no bigger than 12×16 inches (30cm x 40cm. Work will be mounted on boards provided and placed in a box for quick sale. No frame, canvas stretcher or 3D objects. The price ranges from minimum of $50 to maximum of $250 (inclusive of the 30% sales commission). Box-sale work is for cash-and-carry transactions. Only participating artists can present artwork for box sale.

Terms & Conditions 

  1. Selection of artworks for exhibition display and box-sale are by the organiser and the curatorial committee whose decisions are final and they are not obliged to give a reason for rejection. 
  2. Paintings must be in a presentable state, ready to hang on the wall in one singular frame/ installation. No cluster of small frames or loose pieces on the wall. 
  3. There will be no 3D works on the floor or pedestal for this year’s edition for SeniKita. Wall mounted 3D work is acceptable but they must be installed by the artist on a base that can be hung easily with existing gallery facilities.
  4. Artists shall bear their own production cost, framing, transportation and handling to/ from the exhibition venue. 
  5. Participation fee must be paid in full upon submission of artworks.
  6. Exhibits that are deemed dangerous in material or can cause annoyance to others, Eg. Combustible substances, noisy gadgets, decaying matters or contraptions that may harm visitors will be removed without notice to the artist. 
  7. The organiser may use images of artworks for the purpose of promoting and documenting this exhibition with no remuneration to the artist or any party. Images published on social media are subjected to the terms and conditions of respective websites. 
  8. All artists are to bear full responsibility for the originality and authenticity of their artworks. The organiser does not accept any liability for any copyright infringement committed by the artist whether knowingly or unknowingly. 
  9. The artist’s views if expressed in the works exhibited are entirely his/her own and does not reflect the views of the organiser and other participating artist. 
  10. Due care and attention will be given in handling artworks however the organiser shall not be held liable for any theft, damages or misrepresentation of artworks during storage or exhibition. Insurance of artwork is the artist’s own prerogative. 
  11. Artists are responsible for clearing their own artworks at the end of the exhibition according to the scheduled dates. The organiser has the right to exercise their own discretion in disposing of works left unclaimed.


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