Watercolour Workshop for Art Teachers’ Support Group

Art teachers in the west district of Singapore (W3) got together for a watercolor workshop on the first day of the school term break holidays. A referesher course on practical watercolouring techniques conducted by Mr. Kamal. The session was originally planned as in-person get together workshop, however for safety reasons due to the still increasing number of Covid cases, we converted it to a Zoom session. was enjoyable to the primary school educators and they gave us positive feedbacks:

Thank you for the wonderful session!
Will we have another session for the portraits? Mr Kamal got me interested to try out painting portraits 😅 but it’s a pity there wasn’t enough time to cover it today…

Agreed! Wish there was more time. Really enjoyed the session! 👏🏼👏🏼

Im amazed at how i can learn all the techniques within such a short time although it was all touch-and-go. I take it as a stepping stone for me to develop these knowledge into skills

Today’s session was not only informative, but also therapeutic! I think the experimental section was clear, and the approaches presented were simple, and I’d love to share it with the students.

I hope there would be additional sessions, especially for beginners, where the pace will be slower (for the flowers portion). In future, I’d like to learn more about painting portraits with watercolour too!

It was our pleasure sharing our knowledge. We look forward to hosting you for watercolour art-jamming activities in-person at our gallery.

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