PAL – Programme for Active Learning. Pilot Programme for Jurong West Primary School

This semester we embarked on an interesting project together with Jurong West Primary School to develop Visual Arts PAL (Programme for Active Learning). Jurong West Primary is among the first 12 schools in Singapore undergoing the pilot phase of the programme which intends to improve primary school education making it more holistic. It is not just another art lesson, its part of a series of programmes that will eventually remove the existing examination centric system of education.
To explain it briefly, its a programme of structured activity that creates teachable moments for building positive character and creativity while learning art. We feel rather fortunate to have been selected for this project as it challenges the way how we conduct our programmes and has allowed us to innovate new teaching methods and use of materials. We are beginning to see the merit of the PAL programme to create enjoyable learning experience which promotes learning and also develop the child’s social and emotional skills.

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