Corporate Cultural Activity for SMU

Undergrads and faculty members attended a corporate cultural activity for bonding with colleagues during this phase of working-from-home. Batik painting kits were delivered prior to the workshop and we had a wonderful sharing the beauty of batik and how to appreciate them, also guiding them to complete a batik painting from our gallery full of batik art.

Funny Faces Assembly talk

Our Funny Faces Assembly talk programme in NUS High School of Mathematics & Science. half and hour of fun and laughter, learning more about caricature!

Batik painting workshop

Team from MOE HQ was here for their teambuilding workshop recently and they really enjoy it. It is first time for most of them and they are glad to walk away with a beautiful painting each.

Student Exchange Programme

Students from Japan get a hands on batik painting for the first time. Come and have batik workshop with us for teambuilding, school students exchange or even community event. Do contact us at 63443369 for enquires!

Parent & Child workshop

Our workshops are open to all age! We will recommend you the most suitable programme depending on the age group as well as the duration. Look at those cute little ones working on their own mini batik painting while their parents try out the waxing using the traditional tool, tjanting for their own work. We... Continue Reading →

Students Exchange programme

Hwa Chong Institution had a student exchange programme for the Hwa Chong Asia Pacific Leaders Summit. Everyone had not done batik painting before and was eager to learn how to do the hot waxing using the tjanting. It was not easy for them, but most of them enjoyed and execute it quite well!

Holiday Art Workshop for Youth and Adult – December 2013

Interdisciplinary Painting Workshop This holiday programme aims to stimulate the visual senses by cross-training participants in 3 interdisciplinary art forms namely Caricature, Watercolor and Batik. Caricature is a fun approach to develop a keen sense of observation. Watercolor enables quick expression of color. Batik gives a good grounding in traditional art, the need for planning... Continue Reading →

Children's Watercolor Painting At Ang Mo Kio Regional Library

Watercolor workshop for children age 7 to 12 years old at Ang Mo Kio Regional Library. These was a two-hour art workshop for the absolute beginner.

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