Caricature drawing workshop at ITE Tampines

Learning how to draw caricatures is not just another boring art lesson. It is an opportunity for young people to come to terms with their appearance. In my lessons, we start by laughing at each others’ feature and realising that we are all unique and that makes us special. The workshop is over four sessions of two hours at ITE Tampines.
How to draw caricatures art class in singapore by singaporean artistHow to draw good caricatures, cartoon face, or portraits. Workshop in Singapore
art lesson plan for secondary school students and creative activity for singapore schools
Post note: We established a website specifically for our caricature drawing services in January 2008 at: WWW.CARTOON.SG. More caricatures for viewing, please click here.

3 thoughts on “Caricature drawing workshop at ITE Tampines

  1. That is a really great thing to say to your students, that they should begin by laughing at themselves because we are all unique. You have a great class here for caricaturing.
    Keep up the good work.

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