Art Enrichment Programme for Schools with Gov Grants

Happy new year! We are happy to announce our line up of school programmes for the year 2023 approved by our National Arts Council and Ministry of Education to engage school students in the arts. We have varied programmes for different levels from preschool, primary to secondary schools as well as tertiary institution. We are... Continue Reading →

Thing We Took For Granted, Need To Be Patiently Taught For Others Some things that are so simple like looping a rubber band can be an impossible task for person with special needs. With the right method, nothing is impossible. Engaging students with Autism in art activity is occupational and art therapy all in one. This is a video from our batik painting sessions this morning... Continue Reading →

pastel painting art class

We provide art classes at our studio or schools in Singapore under the national arts council art enrichment Programme. The pastel portrait Programme is our latest Programme designed to develop the skills of aspiring artists. We emphasis on developing drawing skills over theoretical mumbo jumbo. Students are taught to efficiently use the medium and sharpen... Continue Reading →

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