Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – A Caricature Gift

It is the year’s end and I have been busy with caricature drawing engagement at dinner and dance pre-function events in the evening (sorry, no postings on those). We also get the occasional orders for caricature commissions that we do in the studio.
This is an interesting assignment for a group of person who wanted a gift in the form of a caricature, for their senior colleague that was leaving them. They requested for me to draw Snow White and the seven dwarves. A Disney postcard reference was attached and instructions on who is to be which dwarf. I was initially concerned about the beard on the girls but it turned out they eventually look like costume collars.I never did get around to knowing the dwarves when I was growing up, so now I do. Here they are: (Top row) Grumpy, Sneezy, Snow White; (Bottom row) Sleepy, Bashful, Doc, Dopey, and Happy.
Post note: We established a website specifically for our caricature drawing services in January 2008 at: WWW.CARTOON.SG. More caricatures for viewing, please click here.

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