Team-building Caricature Workshop for MOE staff at Goodman Arts Centre

We conducted a caricature workshop for the staff from the MOE as part of their team-building activity.

Caricature Masterclass at Si Ling Secondary School (AEP)

A caricature masterclass workshop conducted at Si Ling Secondary School for the students of the school Art Club.

Kamal Arts Limited for Goodman Arts Centre Open House 2015

We opened our studios for the public as part of the Goodman Arts Centre open house done annually. Members of the public thoroughly enjoyed our display of talents. Our booths included  caricature and henna body art painting by our home-grown artists and family batik painting sessions. We were also selling our batik art materials for... Continue Reading →

Golfers joke: A birdie for birthday gift

This caricature was commissioned as a gift for a 21 year old golfer. His dear friends wanted to surprise him with a humorous gift and they explainded to me how the term 'birdie' in golfing was derived. I did some research and got a clearer picture of the term for this gag. I hope my... Continue Reading →

Cool as a Cucumber: Caricature Gift for Retiring Boss.

I received a photograph with this brief: This is my boss, he is very health conscious, loves golf and is known to be a Mr Cucumber due to his "coolness". He will retire end of this month and my colleagues and I would like to give him something to laugh about. That was it and... Continue Reading →

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – A Caricature Gift

It is the year's end and I have been busy with caricature drawing engagement at dinner and dance pre-function events in the evening (sorry, no postings on those). We also get the occasional orders for caricature commissions that we do in the studio. This is an interesting assignment for a group of person who wanted... Continue Reading →

Caricature Drawing Service for Gardentech 2007

A big exhibition of garden technology, plants and related matters organised by the National Parks Board of Singapore. I was engaged to draw caricatures at their event booth on three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for four-hours each. I not only had to draw hundreds of caricature for visitors but also the flower of their... Continue Reading →

Corporate Caricature for Special Staff Awards

ABN Amro bank commissioned me to create 23 caricatures as trophies for a staff award ceremony. It was an interesting assignment as the award winners were portrayed with a body situation or theme that described their traits or extraordinary work habit. I bet they had a fun-time laughing at each others achievement. Post note: We... Continue Reading →

Family Wellness Programme: Caricature Workshop for Kids

Singapore Prison Service held their staff wellness programme which tied in with the school holidays. Staff brought their children to work, where there were workshops on family wellness and also some special programmes tailored especially for the kids. The 8 to 13 year olds were enlisted into my caricature drawing workshop. I started with an... Continue Reading →

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