Graffiti Wall at Outram Secondary School

Outram Secondary school has a legal graffiti wall created by 25 secondary-two students for their ‘Art Alive’ programme. The wall located at the 5th floor atrium was ‘bombed’ and ‘buffed’ repeatedly for 14 weeks and this is the finale. It really brightens up the school. The principal, Mdm Choy Wai Yin, the school staff and other students are very supportive of the programme.

Those students in this programme, they’re nice kids and I really enjoyed working with them for the entire semester. So much so, The Killer Gerbil and I left behind a little reminder of our presence in the school. We also got a nice testimonial:

“Students really enjoyed the course. It was good that values were imparted to the students as well on top of the curriculum. The trip to Youth Park gave students a good experience and was an eye-opener to some of them. They have learned that graffiti is not just a form of vandalism but can be a form of art as well.”

Ms. Chan Hean Mei, Teacher

Click here to view the entire wall and earlier postings of their excursion to *scape Skate Park and artist demo session.

2 thoughts on “Graffiti Wall at Outram Secondary School

  1. i think that this is really cool and i am proud to say that graffiti is going to stick around and that it is a art not a crime

  2. thats really legit i live in the bay area and graffitis starting to get really huge specially in fremont. i wish my highschool had an opportunity to have a wall to hit up. i would be painting erryday! (: “STAY UP, PAiNT THE W0RLD AWAY.”-taylerdayy

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