Performance-Painting at The Esplanade

Music as a muse: Automatic Drawings
(22nd-24th June 2007, Esplanade Concourse)
It was my first performance-painting collaboration with a musician. In fact, it was the first time Esplanade presents a visual arts performance of this nature. Mr. Indrasani Mursalim played his Flamenco pieces wonderfully in all the six performance over three evenings. If you’ve missed it, too bad. Look out for my youtube posting when that becomes available. Ms Michelle Chua, the producer for this programme, who paired us together was very helpful in ensuring that the performance went on smoothly. Also a special mention of thanks to my one-man crew Mr. Dino Hafian.
Though I had jitters before going on stage each time, I was totally immersed in automatism when the music played and my brush touches the paper. The drawing process was equally as important as the end result. I refrained from thinking about what to draw, so the picture unfolds infront of me as well as it did for the audience. Mr. Mursalim played set pieces that provided the muse but eventually adjusted his playing as the drawing develops, hence the painting then becomes the muse for music. The painting measuring 16ft x 4ft was completed when the music ended (about 20 minutes). The images were different each time.
We performed to a large appreciative audience judging from the applause. The comments given during the question and answer sessions were enouraging. Several viewers from the audience told me later that they were mesmerised by the expressiveness of movements and strokes that breaths the passion of Flamenco music. In all I consider this a successful artistic collaboration and a wonderful experience.

Its not the best quality video due to the fast motion, the music was one of the five pieces played. Hopefully it helps you to picture the performance.

5 thoughts on “Performance-Painting at The Esplanade

  1. Hi, good effort. but i personally reckon that you look back at your concept with regards to your surrealist automatic drawing. I kind of disagree with your surreal approach. But then again, you are the artist and responsible for your art.
    Good luck!

  2. senimu bak darah yang ku damba
    ghairahmu bak daging yang ku ketagih
    ingin ku santap setiap yang ada
    menguyah sehingga lumat segalanya
    dengan nafsu yang membara bak api nuraka
    lalu ku telan ia masuk ke dalam perutku
    akhirnya kenyang daku dalam senimu…
    Syabas wahai insan seni…

  3. This is extremely expressive and so simple in it’s fluid flow with the roll of the guitar ! Exciting and yet moody in it’s passion while trying to get our of the medium. Out of the wall ! It is speaking of water and smooth texture, and still quite sexual in it’s nature !
    We look forward to this form of blended art again!! I wonder what three colours in your hands would produce!! ha!!
    ~~~~~~~~Thank you for sharing this fine example of free moving art!~~~John

  4. I love you Kamal. I think you’re the best artist the world has ever seen

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