Is graffiti art? And does sanctioned graffiti deserve the tag?

Straits Times Life on 21st June 2007; Arts reporter Adeline Chia wrote a concise assessment of graffiti practice in Singapore, following the recent pow-wow on the legitimacy of sanctioned graffiti (refer to my earlier post on this issue). In the article, I was quoted as saying:

Artist Kamal Dollah, 39, who painted murals at the Telok Ayer Performing Arts Centre, feels that graffiti art might have its roots in the streets, but it has moved on. He is even hired to give graffiti art workshops in schools.
He says: ‘Graffiti art has evolved. It came from the ghetto, but now it’s a style that is in clothing, advertising and art galleries.
I don’t have to tag electrical boxes before I can be called a graffiti artist. That’s just irresponsible.’

Click here for the full text of the straits times article.

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