Team Bonding Art Activity for Company Retreat

The amazing sense of achievement in creating art together from scratch. Hard to imagine at the start they would produce large batik paintings and a personal piece of authentic batik art. The team building batik painting introduces participants to what is batik fabric and batik-paintings in our multi cultural society. They will be taught by... Continue Reading →

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Weaving Workshop: A Cultural Learning Programme for Developing Young Minds

Ketupat weaving is one exercise that expose Malay cultural heritage to students. Weaving is a centuries-old art form that has been practiced by cultures all over the world. It is a complex and challenging craft that requires patience, creativity, and a keen eye for detail. Weaving can also be a very therapeutic and meditative activity,... Continue Reading →

Photo Competition at Geylang Serai closes 7th May 2023

It’s that time of year when Geylang Serai comes alive buzzing with activities. Annually during the Muslim month of Ramadan the bazaar is set up and this time being the post-pandemic year it is termed the ‘revenge’ bazaar with 700 stalls, earning its reputation as the largest bazaar in Singapore. Besides shopping and eating there... Continue Reading →

#InstaGEYLANG 2023, the Instagram Photo Challenge is back!

For a second-year running, Wisma Geylang Serai and Kamal Arts are organizing an Instagram photography competition. This year's competition aims to showcase the distinctiveness of Geylang Serai during the bustling splendour of the Bazaar Raya period and highlight the beautiful memories for the public. Participate by sharing your photographs on Instagram with the hashtag -... Continue Reading →

Teambuilding activity at Staff Retreat – Copper Tooling team challenge. View video of how the staff was able to produce a beautiful framed artwork by working together as a team. The event starts with our artist providing the instruction, on how to create a copper tooling art, an ancient art technique that dates back thousands of years. Participants then complete an individual piece for... Continue Reading →

Visual Arts Excursion to Artist Studio.

A learning journey for students to learn about industrial practice of a textile artist. They experience first hand the dying craft of batik and indigo dyeing process. Our facility have the capacity to engage a full class of 40 students for 2-hours to produce usable art. Students were introduced to batik textile and engaged hands-on... Continue Reading →

Art Enrichment Programme for Schools with Gov Grants

Happy new year! We are happy to announce our line up of school programmes for the year 2023 approved by our National Arts Council and Ministry of Education to engage school students in the arts. We have varied programmes for different levels from preschool, primary to secondary schools as well as tertiary institution. We are... Continue Reading →

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