Split Materiality

Drawings and paintings by Kamal Dollah negotiating between tradition and technology in a materialistic world. The physical gallery show is from 14 to 23 Jan 2022 (10am - 6pm) at our gallery. Online exhibition at http://www.Kamal.sg/split-materiality perpetually. We also wrote an essay about the project, if you care to read it’s at https://sites.google.com/kam.../splitmateriality/white-paper. NFT with... Continue Reading →

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A Big Family Batik Project In Just 2 Hours!

Kamal Arts is delighted to host more families for art workshops and facilitate their art projects. We share their joy in producing such wonderful work. Congratulations to the Chan family for the beautiful batik artwork!

Frame Preparation For Big School Group Copper Tooling Art Program

Great works needs great preparation. Here are us, hard at work varnishing the wood for the framing. The copper tooling workshop will happen on the first week of 2022. Will be posting more photos as the work progresses. Cheers to 2022!!!

Happy New Year from us at Kamal Arts

We at Kamal Arts would like to thank all our customers, associates and supporters that journeyed with us throughout the tough year. We wish a better year 2022 to all.

3-Generation Family Bonding Through The Art Of Copper Tooling

Kamal Arts has designed a workshop for the art of copper tooling that may easily be enjoyed by people of all ages. Just like this family did. Easy does it Our copper tooling workshop is suitable for all ages. Fine motor skills exercise too.

Leather Cardholder Making Workshop

We held our Leather Cardholder Making Workshop yesterday and it was a great success! The participants enjoyed making and personalising their very own leather cardholders. Thank you SeniKita artist Mr Khairul Faizin for facilitating. If you missed it, watch the livestream here: https://fb.watch/a7OmU8nDws/

Leather Cardholder Making Workshop [FULL]

Want to make your very own leather cardholder and paint it in your style? Join us on Christmas Day for a fun 2-hour workshop. [As of 24 Dec 2021, the workshop has been fully subscribed] Do join us online as we will be livestreaming this workshop on our Facebook page!

Dyeing Adventure – Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop @ Malay Heritage Centre

Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop By Kamal Arts Held At Malay Heritage Centre Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop - Batik is always an exotic and intriguing art medium. We were at Malay Heritage Centre conducting a batik workshop using indigo as the dyeing medium. Visit MHC’s FB to find out more or sign up for the programme... Continue Reading →

Ladies “Artsy Outing” – SeniKita 2021 Exhibition

These ladies went for an “Artsy Outing”. They are long time friends to the mom of Sarah Nadia Bat’s - SeniKita 2021 Promising Young Talent Award. Came by to the gallery to view Sarah’s award winning artworks and more. SeniKita is an annual group exhibition showcasing works of artists in the Malay community. It is... Continue Reading →

Three Generation Family attending our batik workshop!

Grandad comes with Grandma all the way from Hawaii! Son’s wife is a regular at our batik studio, improving her batik mastery on each visit. The grandson is no stranger as well, always accompanying his mommy for the sessions. It is our pleasure to have all of them with us. Looking forward to see them... Continue Reading →

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