3-Generation Family Bonding Through The Art Of Copper Tooling

Kamal Arts has designed a workshop for the art of copper tooling that may easily be enjoyed by people of all ages. Just like this family did. Easy does it Our copper tooling workshop is suitable for all ages. Fine motor skills exercise too.

Company Team Building Through a Social Craft Art Activity

Community Batik at our studio that can accommodate up to 50 participants. Ideal for team-building session by making batik. Batik is a social craft that requires team-work to produce a collaborative work of art.

Staffs from Mosque Shared Services and MUIS

The staffs from Mosque Shared Services and MUIS came to visit us to do Batik for a team building session. It was a fun get-together session for them as they get away from their offices to learn about Batik art and its techniques. It was a 4 hour session which consists of making their own... Continue Reading →

Programme for Active Learning (PAL Prog) at Jurong West Primary School

For the second year at Jurong West Primary School, we were once again engaged to conduct their PAL(Programme for Active Learning) programme. This time it was for their Primary 3 students. For this semester we embarked on an interesting project with the school. PAL programme which intends to improve primary school education making it more... Continue Reading →

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