3-Generation Family Bonding Through The Art Of Copper Tooling

Kamal Arts has designed a workshop for the art of copper tooling that may easily be enjoyed by people of all ages. Just like this family did. Easy does it Our copper tooling workshop is suitable for all ages. Fine motor skills exercise too.

Art Enrichment Batik Workshop For Madrasah Al-Arabiah Students

Art CCA at a Muslim religous school conducted over 5 sessions of 1 and half hour. We modified one of their classroom into a make-shift batik workshop for each lesson. No mess.      

Batik Dolls for Jurong West Primary

Students turned their batik painting into stuffed dolls as part of their Co-Curriculum activity. This involved stitching together two pieces of batik painting that has been fixed for colour-fastness and the wax then removed. Instructor sew around the shape with a sewing machine and the students stuffed it with stuffings and finished the sewing by... Continue Reading →

Graffiti for CCA Groups at Woodlands Secondary School

"The instructor started off the course with a theory lesson in preparing students all about graffiti, especially graffiti as a form of art and not vandalism. This is valuable and important in educating the perception towards graffiti. Student's view and personal developments in design is well-guided and responded by the instructors. Target set for the... Continue Reading →

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