Team Bonding Art Activity for Company Retreat

The amazing sense of achievement in creating art together from scratch. Hard to imagine at the start they would produce large batik paintings and a personal piece of authentic batik art.

The team building batik painting introduces participants to what is batik fabric and batik-paintings in our multi cultural society. They will be taught by practicing batik artist on how to use traditional tools and hot wax which is very different from working with computers and precision tools. Each will produce their own small batik painting that exposes their strengths and weaknesses in art making. This is material for the team to decide who do what in next creating a collaborative work of art. We can also add a competition element to make it more fun. The completed work will be treated and made colourfast and ready for display at a banner at the workplace reminding them of their wonderful experience.

This particular team building experience takes 3-hours but if you have other requirements, we will be happy to customise a programme to suit your team.

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