Longest Batik Painting Record Accomplished!

Kamal Arts Limited in collaboration with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts achieved a new record for the longest batik painting measuring 300m. The task was accomplished in 9-hours by artists of Kamal Arts Ltd, Nafa staff, students and the public.
Singapore Book of Records 2018: Longest Batik done by a group. The last record a few years ago was 202m by a group done over a week. We did 300m within 9 hours!
Thanks to Mdm Oscar Ng and NAFA for the trust in our team.

“… We achieved this together and what exactly did we achieve? I did not care for the record because records are meant to be broken – even this one. To me, this is an achievement in trust. In family, friendship, comraderie and individual judgement for the common goal. Even in faith and prayers that the weather was fine despite the thunderstorm forecasted… ” Kamal Dollah.

Thanks To All Who Made It Possible. We May Not Be Able To Mention All, But You Guys Know Who You Are. From The Bottom Of Our Hearts.
Video of the event can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/kamaldollah/videos/10155779120052644/

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