Art conservators from National Heritage Board learning about batik.

We had the privilege of conducting a professional practice workshop for conservators from NHB. They are familiar with the challenges of batik conservation and it was a great session of exchanging knowledge about the techniques involved in batik making. They were particularly interested in the tjap (stamping) process and immersion dying. The 4-hours session was insufficient o cover everything we all wanted to know but we made the best of it and came out with some nice pieces they got to take home.

At first I thought its a corporate group coming to the Kamal Arts Limited studio for team-building batik but I was surprised they were all conservators from National Heritage Board asking so many technical questions. So happy that we can fulfil one of the objective of this facility at Goodman Arts Centre that is to function as a batik resource centre. I was able to answer their questions and demonstrate to them the techniques with batik artefacts we have acquired.

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