Art Activity for Student's Exchange Program

Students from Okinawa, Japan got a hands-on batik painting experience at Millennia Institute

2 thoughts on “Art Activity for Student's Exchange Program

  1. There’s a place near KLCC where i went for batik painting workshop. Batik is one of the most important traditional handicrafts in Malaysia. The place is called MyBatik, and i had a really relaxing and good time there with my family, as the environment of the place is serene, in the midst of hectic Kuala Lumpur. I did “canting” and also colouring of batik, and my kids really enjoyed the cultural entertainment too. Those who are interested can go to for further information. An experience not to be missed!

  2. I believe that Ye Ruoshi has a very talented hand for this Caricaturing skill. She has such a similar style to myself,..along with her method of doing the eyes, nose, and mouth in the same order as I do, that I am amazed! I feel strange that someone draws the same way I do! It makes me not feel so alone in my corner of art! ha!
    She is a genuinely creative lady and I wish I could meet her in person! Singapore is a long way off though!
    Maybe someday!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~Best to her from CANADA!!~~~~John

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