Art Team Building Activity for Regional Executives of Swarovski

Executives of  Swarovski Crystal from their head office in Austria and various asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand etc. came by our studio for a half-day team bonding exercise through an art-creation activity. As this is a smaller group, we customised a programme for them called teamwork-batik. It is a scaled down version of our usual community-batik which is lengthier for a bigger group. They were instead tasked to complete a meter-long batik by two-person in a team. A management theme was set by their facilitator.
Our corporate art programmes always starts with an introduction of the particular art medium. In the case of batik, there is a strong cultural value and identity to this region. This was helpful as it sparks off conversation during the art making process about the Asian region. Our instructors briefed on the safety aspects and guided participants on the proper methods of handing the traditional batiking equipments. Batik may seem easy but its not. However we make it achievable for participants who has never done batik before or lacking in painting skills to complete their own work-of-art and collectively too. They had to work with their appointed partners –  they communicate, accommodate and collaborate with each other to come out  with spectacular masterpieces in the end. At the end of the session, participants had to explain their paintings. Their facilitator awarded prizes for the winners.

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