Nanyang Girls' High School Batik Workshop for Girl Guides

We conducted an intensive 3-hour batik workshop for Girl Guides‘ of Nanyang Girls. Within one session, we

  1. briefly covered the history and cultural practices related to batik,
  2. the girls experienced waxing with the tjanting,
  3. made monotone batik by immersion dying,
  4. wax removal process and
  5. another project by typical batik painting method (faux batik).

The girls walked away with 2 pieces of their very own, original batik masterpieces. We were very impressed with their discipline that made this a very fruitful session. It was the initiative of their seniors studying at Hwa Chong Junior College who needed to do a research on cultural practices. It is a nice synergy where the girls enjoyed learned about a relevant cultural practice and experienced and interesting art-making process whilst their senior got the materials for their project.
For what was achieved during this session, I believe these girls deserve their Girl Guides craft proficiency badge.
“From the survey we conducted, we received very positive response and the girls really enjoyed the activity a lot. The vendor was well-prepared with all the logistics and lesson plan.”
Ms Gloria Teng, Nanyang Girls’ High School

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