Arts Conversation for Teachers About Graffiti

The school term is almost ending as we conduct this dialogue session with teachers who gathered at Deyi Secondary School. The long standing question of “Graffti is it art or a crime?” is discussed in a conversation between artists and teachers. In the 2 hours session. We showed a slide presentation about making inroads for teaching graffiti at schools, we also gave the participants a hands-on experience of spraying graffiti indoors on big sheets of paper attached to our custom made canvas.

One thought on “Arts Conversation for Teachers About Graffiti

  1. I really want to teach a graffiti unit in my art class, but don’t have the skill set. I’m trying a stencil graffiti project with an Art2 class (focusing on expressing an opinion… what with the elections coming up), but was wondering if you knew of any local guys that do workshops like you do, or if you could work with me and help me put something together.
    I teach at a school for “at-risk” kids in St Paul, Minnesota, United States.
    Please shoot me en email!

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