Illustration workshop for North Zone Schools

Children book illustration by school students in Singapore
Schools in the north zone sent two of their best art students to Evergreen Secondary School for an intensive illustration workshop that lasted three mornings. The works produced will be published. These kids are fortunate indeed to become a published illustrator before finishing school!
They are part of a National Education (NE) project to illustrate for the book ‘NEST II’. Its a compilation of selected writings by students on NE. This year, it was decided to have an illustrator guide the students to illustrate the numerous stories instead of having one illustrator for the entire book. From a teaching perspective, it is a wonderful experience to have a full class of skillful and talented students. Yet it presents me with a new challenges in having to coach and art-direct 40 young illustrators. It is very much like managing my final year illustration major at Nafa but double the trouble
Creativity workshop on problem solving for story book illustration
Participants mind mapping the stories to be illustrated.
Students attending book illustration workshop in Singapore
They could still manage a smile after 3 days of intensive work.

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