Dunman High School: Kaleidoscope 2008

Graffiti stencil lesson for teenager as positive art instruction
It was a day set aside for exposing students of Dunman High to the diversity of art. Our graffiti programme was very well received with 120 students signed up. Participants were exposed to the history and practices of graffiti vis-a-vis, street art followed by a hands-on session in stencil art within a short period of two hours.
Most people think that graffiti is easy because they have seen it being done with ease. We knew better and were not expecting any fantastic work of art from these JC students but rather, our objective was to make students aware of the world around them and expose them to a new experience. In the end they would appreciate that graffiti art (writing) requires a lot of passion, strength and skills. It is from this experience that we filter the better students to develop their interest in hopefully future engagements.
Stencil art using spray can in graffiti course at high school
teachers guide to teaching positive values through graffiti as art and not vandalism
The stadium turn out to be a great venue for teaching spray can techniques.

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