One World: Themed Graffiti at ACS International

Anglo Chinese School (International) had us conducting a graffiti workshop cum competition with the theme ‘One World’. The theme was chosen by the school to reflect the multi-nationality of its students. This workshop introduces the entire level of secondary two students (134 attended) to the art of graffiti. It is also a competition to identify the best crew that gets to work on several designated walls in the school.
The feedback received is most gratifying.

Thank you for holding such an engaging and fun-filling workshop for the students. They have enjoyed themselves tremendously and from the feedback gathered through the evaluation forms, they have indicated very positively that the workshop was a success. Most importantly, they were able to point otut the difference between Vandalism and Graffiti art. I think most of them are able to appreciate Graffiti art better. It is not something that is done randomly to be called art. Other students from the higher levels even lamented that why they did not get to do Graffiti art.”

Ms. Chang Hung Tho, Art Teacher

Graffiti artist/ instructors: Kamal Dollah, Dino Hafian, The Killer Gerbil, Antz, Kelvin Tan, Glenn Koh, and Rosman Mohd Sahid.

5 thoughts on “One World: Themed Graffiti at ACS International

  1. wow..
    it’s amazing..
    to Ms. Chang Hung Tho, Art Teacher
    do you know what the mean of graffiti art??

  2. “I would like to encourage you guys in what you’re doing. I also paint when I get the chance. I’m a graffiti artist at my club in Spain and we’ve been able to do some graff projects. It’s good to know that there are guys like you getting out across the country and promoting positive messages. Keep doing the good work! Times have changed and Graffiti isn’t like back in the old days where it projects negative activity but still you have to respect those who have contributed a lot for today generation! Peace.”

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