Graffiti for National Education: NEtwork Conference 2007

Patriotism through graffiti? An unconventional approach indeed for promoting Singapore’s national identity. Apparently some schools that we worked with has chosen National Education (NE) as the theme for their graffiti mural workshop. Since the sudents did it with a lot of enthusiasm for graffiti, the results were remarkable. This caught the interest of NEXUS – a government agency that facilitates National Education and we were invited to present our extraordinary approach at their NEtwork Conference 2007 which was attended by more than 850 NE facilitators (mostly teachers). We were happy to share the experience with many participants that visited our booth as most of them could now see the positive side of graffiti as an art form that could be used constructively.
Quoted from the Ministry of Educations’s micro news site for parents with features from schools and teachers, on Friday, September 14, 2007:

“Even graffiti art was par for the course. Mohamed Kamal Bin Dollah, a graffiti artist and part-time lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts as well as founder of Bob Associates, took part in the accompanying exhibition, explaining how he teaches students graffiti art and helps them to create wall murals in their schools based on NE-related themes – graffiti-style, but with the school’s stamp of approval, of course. In the process, he also teaches “art and crime”, educating students on the difference between art and vandalism, and cites the 1994 story of the caning of Michael Fay, whom many students today are not aware of. ”

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