The Singapore Art Show 2007

The Singapore Art Show 2007 was officially launched on 2 August at the Singapore Art Museum. It showcases various genre of Singapore visual arts, featuring over 700 artworks in 47 venues throughout Singapore. For the schedule of events and venues, please refer to their official website:
My work entitled ‘Fantasy of Flights’ was selected in the open section. It was indeed a priviledge to be among 44 selected of the nearly 750 submissions. This work was part of my MA thesis shown in March 07. I felt it did not get enough exposure then, hence I submitted it for this national event which will be experienced by many. It is now exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum till 15th August 2007.
The write-up of the work now reads:

Mohamed Kamal Bin Dollah
Vehicle 1 : Fantasy of Flight 2007
Batik Installation
360cm x 150cm x 150cm

Kamal Dollah’s ‘vehicle’ questions cultural identity through a medium that binds to tradition, yet the images suggests a universal journey of the imagination. Kamal views batiking as a form of drawing, parallel to his other practice of ‘automatic drawing’ with ink on paper, which exposes the complexities of recognizing ethnic originality, which is a dynamic confluence of cultural conditioning, interferences and preoccupation within contemporary living. The recurring paraphernalia-of-flights from his drawings, was re-produced in batik and presented in the form of a rocket ship. The collapsible nature of this installation also enforces the concept of cultural mobility.

The coverage in The Straits Times, Life on 2nd August 2007 exposes the controversy surrounding this event. I was interviewed and quoted:

Batik and graffiti artist Kamal Dollah, 39, says: ‘A lot of artists here who don’t have a contemporary position will not be in the Singapore Biennale and the art show has a more local flavour.’

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