Yellow Ribbon Project. Caricature workshop for prisoners

Caricature workshop for prisoners. This is a voluntary contribution in conjunction with the Yellow-Ribbon Project Art Competition. It was an enriching experience for the inmates as they were introduced to the art of caricatures and how they could amuse themselves with such an activity. It was also an eye opening experience to see for myself what life is like within a maximum security prison. The facilities are well managed, but life is definitely better out here as a free man.
Some of the participants showed great artistic potential. I believe they can be extremely good at drawing cartoons or caricatures by the time they are rehabilitated. They may not have their freedom but they have ample time which they could use to practice and develop a gratifying skill.
The photo here look rather stern plus the reflection of a clock in the mirror seems to carry symbolic meaning. Truth is, it was a fun and happy session filled with laughters. Well I should be grateful that the authorities took the trouble to document the session and even gave me this photo which had to clear prison censorship.
Post note: We established a website specifically for our caricature drawing services in January 2008 at: WWW.CARTOON.SG. More caricatures for viewing, please click here.

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