Team Building Batik Painting Workshop

Getting back to the office and reconnecting with colleagues by doing something out of the box. A team building Batik painting workshop is so much fun, they get to do a small piece of authentic big painting for themselves and a big collective piece for the office. Call us at 63443369 for details. No more... Continue Reading →

Team Bonding Art for Meta (Facebook)

Happy to host this small team from a big company. They have been working remotely for a long time and is very glad to come together for a 3-hours batik painting workshop. What is so special about this experience? Batik painting is not as easy as it seems. It takes one out of their comfort... Continue Reading →

Teambuilding Workshop with Indigo dyeing on Handkerchief

Team building workshop for these lovely ladies from a recruitment agency They opted for the extended batik painting class workshop that included indigo dyeing on handkerchief. They each brought home a beautiful self crafted handkerchief that is a functional work of art while getting to know each other better outside of their specialised field. A very... Continue Reading →

Batik painting workshop

Team from MOE HQ was here for their teambuilding workshop recently and they really enjoy it. It is first time for most of them and they are glad to walk away with a beautiful painting each.

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