3-Generation Family Bonding Through The Art Of Copper Tooling

Kamal Arts has designed a workshop for the art of copper tooling that may easily be enjoyed by people of all ages. Just like this family did. Easy does it Our copper tooling workshop is suitable for all ages. Fine motor skills exercise too.

Batik Painting Workshop for Team-bonding Event

Teambonding retreat batik painting workshop. Two hours of art class that's fun & relaxing for department get togethers.

Parent & child team bonding

Parent & child bonding time for the lovely group from Beijing. Since our batik painting workshops are meant for age group 9years old and above, this team got the parents to do the hot waxing using the traditional tool, tjanting. The little boys and girls will then help out with the fun part - painting!

Accountants of PWC Learning to Bomb Graffiti

A fun afternoon of team-building activity by attending a graffiti workshop at our studio. We had a leading graffiti writer as guest artist for this session. Participants were able to produce their own graffiti piece together in just one lesson.

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