Evergreen Secondary's Movers & Shakers Gallery

I was invited back to Evergreen Secondary for their National Education exhibition. They requested that I do portrait sketches of the ten founding fathers of Singapore. A copy was presented to their guest-of-honour who officiated the opening ceremony. The original drawings would probably be exhibited in the gallery. Since I was there at a very... Continue Reading →

Chinese Lunar New Year Greetings.

Chinese lunar new year will be celebrated on the 7th of February 2008 to usher in the year of the mouse. We've had some orders for caricature illustration by corporations for their festive greetings. These days, that includes e-greetings sent out via email and SMSes. I penciled the concept and Ruoshi watercoloured this illustration for... Continue Reading →

Live Caricature event at Birthday Party

It was the first year birthday party for a girl by the name of Tanirika Raj, held at Daawat Tandoori Restaurant at Singapore Expo. I drew a lot of children and a few friends of this expatriate family from India. Post note: We established a website specifically for our caricature drawing services in January 2008... Continue Reading →

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