All Walks Of Life: Performance Art At The Esplanade

Forty three faces to commemorate Singapore's 43rd year of nationhood. The performance was held in conjunction with the National Day celebrations at Marina bay where the parade and firework display is held. Coincidentally, the glass panels is about 43 meter long. It took me between 20 - 30 minutes per face. It was an exciting... Continue Reading →

From All Walks Of Life: In progress report for graffiti caricature public performance

Final performance to complete this mural of ‘live’ caricatures Saturday 2nd August 2008 from 10am - 4pm at the Esplanade forecourt “From all walks of life” is a performance art presentation where I pick interesting people walking at the Esplanade and do a caricature of them ‘live’. Each caricature takes about 20min to half an... Continue Reading →

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