Visual Arts Excursion to Artist Studio.

A learning journey for students to learn about industrial practice of a textile artist. They experience first hand the dying craft of batik and indigo dyeing process. Our facility have the capacity to engage a full class of 40 students for 2-hours to produce usable art. Students were introduced to batik textile and engaged hands-on... Continue Reading →

Batik Workshop for Student Visitors from China

Batik painting workshop conducted at our studio in Goodman Arts Centre for students from China. It was a 3-hour worshop where our instructors started off with the story about batik and the culture of cloths in South East Asia followed by simple step-by-step batik. Students used the traditional 'tjanting' to apply the wax by themselves... Continue Reading →

Community Batik Across Namibia by Singapore Artist

Namibia on the African continent and Singapore are poles apart when comparing its size and population. Singapore is the second most populated country in the world, and Namibia is the second least populated. Besides, there are many other differences in the aspect of cultural, economic and geographical landscape that is little known due to lack... Continue Reading →

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