Our Gallery hosted Joyce and Zin Yan

FROM HERE: Reimagining Expressions - brings together two Singapore-based visual artists, Joyce Chong and Chua Zin Yan, who found new meaning and artistic expressions during the pandemic. Every now and then we find the courage to redefine our status quo and to push beyond our personal boundaries, especially in times of adversity. For Joyce Chong,... Continue Reading →


PertamaSG, the first Malay Theatre Actors Network in Singapore, utilised Kamal Arts Gallery for their sharing sessions about various aspects of theatre making among themselves and active experienced practitioner from September 2021. These sessions culminated in a work-in-progress presentation in February 2022.

Unggun Creative – Kemilau

Unggun Creative held Kemilau, a series of creative writing workshops in Kamal Arts Gallery through the month of December 2021, until mid-January 2022. The works created in these workshops will be compiled into an anthology.

Vessels Dance / Puppetry

Rehearsals for When We Are Small by Vessels were conducted in Kamal Arts Gallery in November 2021 prior to the performance at Our Tampines Hub from 5-7 January 2022. Supported by the OTG

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