Dyeing Adventure – Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop @ Malay Heritage Centre

Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop By Kamal Arts Held At Malay Heritage Centre Batik Indigo Dyeing Workshop - Batik is always an exotic and intriguing art medium. We were at Malay Heritage Centre conducting a batik workshop using indigo as the dyeing medium. Visit MHC’s FB to find out more or sign up for the programme... Continue Reading →

Corporate engagement: The art of community batik

Community batik at Citibank Singapore campus. The staff Did a wonderful job colouring this masterpiece together. It's a farewell gift for their boss. A three hour engagement.

Caricature for back-to-school party concept

A team of insurance agents from Prudential comissioned this set of 21 caricatures for their upcoming dinner and dance with a back-to-school concept. I reminisced about my schooling days while doing this and thus managed to come out with 21 different poses to elaborate on the given theme. Too bad is was not done in... Continue Reading →

Retirement gift for General Manager of TCS

Touch Community Services wanted a gift for their GM that is retiring. They wanted me to portray him as a great motivator and inspiring speaker. Note: We established a website specifically for our caricature drawing services in January 2008 at: WWW.CARTOON.SG. More caricatures can be viewed there. Please click here.

Eighty eight heads in a week. Studio Caricatures for Chairman's retirement gift

Another banking operation contacted me for a big caricature commission. Coincidentally, my graphic design practice has successfully designed logos for their products on two separate occasions years ago. They stumbled upon my blog when looking for a caricaturist and immediately recognised me from my previous life. I explained that my design practice is in good... Continue Reading →

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