Batik Painting Workshop at Kamal Arts Ltd Studio

We conducted a workshop for a group of ladies interested in learning batik painting. The participants were exposed to the history and culture of traditional batik painting and were fully immersed in the creation of their own batik pieces. The creation techniques include drawing the design using hot wax and painting using batik dyes.

MI Team Bonding With Community Batik Workshop

Team bonding community batik session in our studio. This is what takes place after their short introduction to Batik .They each pick a spot which they wish to paint and start to work from there, bit by bit as a group to finish the entire 4m together as a team.    

Arts Education Programme 2009 at Bartley Secondary School

The school organized an arts festival for their students as part of their post-exam activities. The students got to sign up a wide range of art activities, ranging from performance arts to visual arts. For us, we were there to conduct 2 workshops, Batik Painting, basic and intermediate, and Urban Calligraphy.

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