Community Batik Team-building Session for Singapore Polytechnic

Conducted a team-building workshop for staff from Singapore Polytechnic through community batik. Participants worked collectively together to create their very own unique batik masterpiece.

Kamal Arts Limited for Goodman Arts Centre Open House 2015

We opened our studios for the public as part of the Goodman Arts Centre open house done annually. Members of the public thoroughly enjoyed our display of talents. Our booths included  caricature and henna body art painting by our home-grown artists and family batik painting sessions. We were also selling our batik art materials for... Continue Reading →

Batik Painting Workshop at Kamal Arts Ltd Studio

We conducted a workshop for a group of ladies interested in learning batik painting. The participants were exposed to the history and culture of traditional batik painting and were fully immersed in the creation of their own batik pieces. The creation techniques include drawing the design using hot wax and painting using batik dyes.

Second Graffiti Workshop at Punggol Primary School

It's the one week school holiday in Singapore and this year’s batch of 20 students assigned to my graffiti workshop is not much different from the previous year. The kids were eager to learn the techniques and the process that is put into designing the school wall. Like last year, Mr Khamil, the teacher in... Continue Reading →

"ARTS FOR LIFE 2009" Graffiti Art Workshop at Anderson Junior College

We were invited again for the third time to conduct another graffiti workshop at Anderson Junior College. Every year they have an arts appreciation event for the students to explore the various art forms that had been organized for them. This year 60 students sign up for our graffiti workshop. Two groups were split over... Continue Reading →

Graffiti for CCA Groups at Woodlands Secondary School

"The instructor started off the course with a theory lesson in preparing students all about graffiti, especially graffiti as a form of art and not vandalism. This is valuable and important in educating the perception towards graffiti. Student's view and personal developments in design is well-guided and responded by the instructors. Target set for the... Continue Reading →

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